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Bukit Lawang is a village situated right on the banks of the beautiful Bahorok river. One of the famous tourist destination in Sumatera  Indonesia. Since the WWF opened the project  ORANGUTANS REHABILITATION in 1973, many visitors DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL come from through over the world to see the process to release orangutans in to the free forest life, from the houses where they were kept as pets to quarantine cages, next to feeding flatform untill the last to release them to their originally habitat that is THE GUNUNG LEUSER NATIONAL PARK (GLNP) The tropical rain forest of Sumatera.

                        BUKIT LAWANG IS AN ECO - TOURISM VILLAGE  in Bahorok, Langkat Sumatera
Bukit Lawang is a small village on the edge of a very big garden about  1.094.619 hectares that is the  GUNUNG LEUSER NATIONAL PARK (GLNP) People from through over the world during the year come to visit this place, because GLNP is habitat of Orangutans (Pongo abelii)  and other wild animals, and this made Bukit Lawang village more attractivity for the world community

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