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1st day, pick up from Medan airport, go to Bukit lawang (orangutan country) and check in at the hotel. If there is still time, you can take a swim in the river, or take a walk around the village. Spend the night in the hotel.

2nd day, go trekking in the jungle to see the Orangutans and wildlife and medicinal plants. Spend the night in the jungle.

3rd day, return by rafting from the jungle to Bukit Lawang.  Once you arrive at the hotel, have lunch and a rest and then go to the BAT CAVE and then back to the hotel. Spend the night in the hotel.

4th day, after breakfast around 8 am, go to Tangkahan for elephant trekking and a chance to wash them.  After elephant trek and bathing with them you can take a swim in the river or hot spring, lunch and dinner in the restaurant and spend the night at the hotel.

5th day, at 1 pm go to Brastagi, will arrive in the evening and spend the night in the hotel.

6th day, at 7am begin climbing the Sibayak (active volcano) then visit the Brastagi fruit market for lunch. We will the pack and make our way to Lake Toba, stop to see the Sipisopiso waterfall in Tongging village (the highest waterfall in north Sumatra)  and then stop again to see the Simalungun kings palace at Pematang Purba, get information about the kingdoms history, then continue the journey to Parapat (lake toba) cross by ferry get to the Samosir island. Spend the night in the hotel.

7th day, free program, you can choose your own activities (program) you can go to see the Sidabutar cemetery in Tomok village, visit the Pangururan hot spring, rent motor bike to explore the island or you can explore by boat . Spend one more night in the hotel.  In the evening you can enjoy Batak songs and live music with the local people.

8th day, in the morning, cross the lake by ferry to get to Parapat and go back to Medan air port, where the tour will end.

Cost  Rp. 8.000.000,-/person   min. 2 persons

Price included : entrance fee, guide and crew fee, food, drink and tent for jungle trek, transportation (car or bus) ferry ticket get to the island.  ( Hotel, food and

drink in the restaurant, motor bike and boat at the island are not included in price).

Please feel free to ask for more information about any details about the trip.

contact person Mr. Marhen Sembiring (Papola)  The jungle and tour guide.

e mail  : kinayan010@gmail.com                        Photos by Laurent K

Mobile  +6285276637486

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